I could put a long list on this page, put I will concentrate on the core of my equipment:
my brave, never complaining Donkey, my Baby, my Tramper from the Swiss brand Aarios

How you can see on the picture (in Kyrgyzstan), it sufferd a lot, my fellow, and I was astonished that all this bad, sandy and corrugated roads didn't harm it more on the alltogether 14450km I drove. So it was possible for me to finish my journey without serious problems. This was important insofar, as I'm not a practised machinist and it would have been very difficult to get spares.

The Swiss handmade bicycles from Aarios are produced in Grezenbach near Aarau in the Canton Solothurn. You can buy them amongst other places at the Velowerkstatt Bern, where you get also a course to learn more about your bike.

As good as your cycle may be: on a journey, it's very important to look after it. This means:

- oil the chain (nearly daily) and the screws (from time to time).
- control the screws at least every second week.
- check the tires every morning before starting.

I had success with this, means, the broken sattel I got, was held with the only screw I never checked... .