High resolution satellite images of the Yecheng-Western Tibet-Kathmandu-Highway 219

  High Resolution Image of (West-)Tibet (8.2Mb)
High resolution satellite images of the highway who leads from Yecheng over Western Tibet to Kathmandu. It gives the best impression of the phantastic landscape and you get the highest accuracy. So I decided to plot the road, the most important towns and the major passes on the Landsat7 satellite images. 1 Pixel on the Images is equivalent to about 30m.

But for cycling or trekking in Tibet, the best map you can get with you is undoubtedly the one from Gecko Maps!

Comes K2 in the Karakorum in view by crossing the Kunlun Shan on Highway 219?
Maps and graphs relating to this question here.

Virtual Flights
Created with kashmir3d with the topographic srtm model from the NASA and the satellite images from globalcordinate.com - all for free available on the net. The srtm data have some gaps - one hit unfortunately Kailash, another one Kamet, or K2, or ... .

Movie 1a  (5.2mb, 28s, 225 Images, 856x480)
Movie 1b   (23.4mb, 1:20min, 2400 Img, 856x480)
Movie 1c   (2mb, 8s, 2400 Images)
Virtual flights in the Kailash Region! See the holly mountain, Lake Manasarovar, the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway and Gurla Mandata.
See the flight paths of movie 1b + 1c.

Movie 2a  (15.5mb, 2min, 3000 Images, 856x480)
Movie 2b  (27.3mb, 1min, 3000 Images, 856x480)

2 Flights over the Aksai Chin Region!
Both flights begins near Dahonglituan in the mountians of the Kunlun Shan in the Karakax Valley, A loop to the Region around Tielong and Sumxi takes you back to the starting point.

See the flight paths.

Movie 3  (32mb, 1:20min, 2400 Images, 856x480)

Flights over the Guge Ruins Region!
From Namru it flies southwards along the road over Aya La (pass) to the canyons around the Sutlej river to Zhada (Tholing) and the Guge ruins at Tsaparang, before it heads along the east road to Moincer/Misar.


Movie 4  (12.4mb,1:40min, 2000 Images, 856x480)

A flight over a region that is not that far away: The Pamir in Tajikistan.

Other images:
Kunlun Shan and Western Tibet seen by Astronauts from space:

(original pictures from "Earth from Space")     -     for more images (of Nepal), look here

The Kashgar-Lhasa-Highway from Kudi over the Kunlun Shan Mountains, Aksai Chin to Misar/Moincer in Western Tibet.
Xinjiang/Ngari, China
High Resolution Image (1.7Mb)

The Kashgar-Lhasa-Highway up to Aksai Chin.
Xinjiang, China
High Resolution Image (2.9Mb)

The road between Sumxi and Namru..
Ngari/ Western Tibet, China
High Resolution Image (1.2Mb)

The road from Ali/Shiquanhe to Zhada (Tholing), respectively to the ruins of the Guge Kingdom (Tsaparang) and to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.
Ngar/Western Tibet, China
High Resolution Image (0.6Mb)

The road to Zhada (Tholing) and the ruins of the Guge Kingdom (Tsaparang).
Ngari, Western Tibet, China

High Resolution Image (1.2Mb)


Notes: the Western Tibet Highway
Map1:  3.6Mb  -  3354x6432px Map2:  7.5Mb  -  7461x4581px Map3:  9.5Mb  -  7652x4488px Map4:  6.1Mb  -  4972x6461px Map5:  4.8Mb  -  4972x5327px Map6:  6.1Mb  -  5342x5931px Map7:  7.0Mb  -  5342x5922px Map8:  7.2Mb  -  6695x5213px Map9:  6.1Mb  -  6715x5066px Map10:  8.0Mb  -  6108x5565px Map11:  6.9Mb  -  6108x5565px Map12:  5.7Mb  -  4062x5323px